Progressive Candidates That Are Running:

City Council

District 2: Nanci Armstrong and Cheryl Darla

District 3:Unknown

District 5: Sophi Hahn (north Berkeley)

District 6: Fred Dodsworth


Jesse Arguin

Kriss Worthington

Rent Board

CALI Slate

Christina Murphy

Allejendro Soto-Vigil

Leah Simon-Weisberg

Igor Tregub






Nancy Armstrong’s Input

Wow! I am so glad that Nancy could come to our meeting. She really filled us in on some important details. She was very articulate and sincere, and immediately helped us talk to one of the candidates in another district about Political Action Pacs and other useful things. She was able to give us an overview of the progressive political climate in Berkeley. She seems very sure of herself and was extremely willing to give us great information.

Nancy comes from a background of activism but she realizes that in order to be an effective council woman she needs to build bridges with people who may oppose her views. For example she outlined an amazing plan to help small business owner support minimum wage as $15 an hour by making the city subsidize what they can not pay the workers.  She was thoroughly familiar with the progressive candidates, and supplied us with the names of the rental board candidates as well as the mayor.

Each of the things she shared deserves a separate blog post which will follow.

Thanks, Nancy, for your tireless work to help make Berkeley a city where everyone can thrive!